10 tips for taking care of your car in hot summer weather

10 tips for taking care of your car in hot summer weather

In this article, we will tell you what to do and not to do in hot weather if you have a car. 10 things you must do during the hot season to keep your car safe. Is it possible to leave the phone or other gadgets in your car and much more.

1: Wash your car regularly

Neglecting water procedures in the summer can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. All dirt from the machine must be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the paint will fade unevenly in the sun, which will turn your iron beast into a kind of leopard.

2: Check the Salon

Unintentionally forgotten food or a gym bag left in the car for a few days in the heat will provide you with an unpleasant smell for a long time. Check the interior carefully, and if you still fall victim to unpleasant odors, you can buy a suitable car air freshener.

3: Change Filters

In the summer, dust and dirt make the car’s air and cabin filters unusable much faster. Take care of your health and replace them regularly.

4: Choose the right parking spot

Pollen from trees can damage the paint and varnish layer, especially if you neglect regular washing. Try not to park under such trees, while choosing a place in the shade.

5: Keep an eye on your engine

Due to high temperatures, summer is the most dangerous time for the engine, as the possibility of its “boiling” increases significantly. Try not to overload it, for example, turn off the air conditioner in a traffic jam, and also regularly undergo technical inspection.

6: Fuel smart

Fuel expansion is a phenomenon that happens to gasoline in hot weather. In this case, at full refueling, fuel leakage from the gas tank may occur. That is why experts do not recommend filling more than half the tank in the summer.

7: Choose the Right Oil

Just like fuel, engine oil tends to change its properties in the summer. In the hot season, it is better to give preference to the oil that has a higher viscosity.

8: Check your tires

If you do not have a new car, do not forget to check the level of tire pressure. Due to the expansion of air, their “explosion” can occur, which at best will end in a slight fright, and at worst, in a serious accident. Also, do not forget about the mudguards. They must always be intact to perform their functions.

9: Pay attention to the braking system

The brake system can also be hit in the summer. There may be problems caused by overheating of its elements or the fluid itself. Check system status regularly.

10: Watch your battery

Due to the heat, the liquid in the battery evaporates much faster than usual. To avoid problems, you need to monitor the amount of electrolyte.

Attentive car care in the summer is the duty of every motorist who values ​​his health, time and money. Follow our advice and keep your car in excellent condition regardless of the season, weather conditions and other external factors, then your iron friend will serve you for a long time.

Do not forget lighters, phones and other electronic gadgets with batteries in the cabin, which, due to overheating, can cause a fire.

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