5 rich people who surprised the whole world

We, like everybody, love to listen to success stories of others. During crisis they inspire us, show how far perseverance, self-confidence and determination can lead. The stories of the wealth and success of all these people are different in plot, but they have a common meaning: all these people made themselves by their personal forces, they made a challenge to the world at the very moment when they were at the bottom of their lives.

So, they were cool and here are their stories

1. Chris Gardner.

Chris Gardner

Chris grew up in an incomplete family and never knew his father. His mother married a man who ruined their lives. Chris escaped from his home, but since he had nowhere to go, he entered the Navy. After the army, the guy learned to be a doctor, got married. The work of the doctor did not bring a lot of money, and Chris urgently needed to find a new source of income. He became interested in nothing more than brokerage, seeing on the stock exchange brokers who had Ferrari. At that time, Chris was practically a beggar, his wife left him. Having decided to submit documents for licensing his activities, he finally got a job at Bear Sterns. A man sat on the phone all day and answered customer calls. In 1987, the situation turned out to be favorable for Gardner: he began to earn money without leaving home. In the same year, his brokerage firm was founded under the name Gardner Rich & Co.

2. John Rockefeller

John Rockefeller

Rockefeller was born in Richford, and was one of six children with his parents. John’s father was a traveling salesman, and frequent business trips were routine for him. Throughout his life, his father tried to find ways and methods of making money, avoiding hard work or not working at all. John’s mother worked hard to feed the children, since her father earned little, but disappeared for many weeks. After leaving school, John Rockefeller got an accountant job, where his salary was $ 50 per quarter. In 1863, Rockefeller, together with M. Clark and S. Andrews, bought the Excelcior Works kerosene oil refinery. In 1865, he sold his stake in the trading company Clark and acquired his shares in Excelcior; later, he bought Andrews’ share for 72.5 thousand dollars. And after a couple of years, Rockefeller owned five kerosene plants.

3. Joan Rowling.

Joan Rowling

Rowling was born in England, near Bristol. Back in school, the girl showed interest in writing fantasy stories: she wrote stories and read them to her sister. Getting older, Joan often traveled, and in 1990, after the death of her mother, she moved to Portugal. Even before that, Rowling began writing her best-selling book on the young wizard. In Portugal, Joan got married, but in 1993 her marriage broke up. Remaining a small daughter, she moved to Scotland. Finding herself in a foreign country, without any means of livelihood and with a small child in her arms, the woman fell into a state of permanent depression and often thought about suicide. Since Joan was unemployed, they lived only on social benefits – this was enough for life, but no more. She wrote her first novel, sitting in different cafes. Today, Rowling’s fortune is estimated at $ 1.1 billion, and books have sold over 400 million copies.

4. Liz Murray.

Liz Murray

The girl was born in the Bronx. Her parents were HIV-infected drug addicts who could not provide means of living for themselves either. At the age of 16, Murray was left completely alone: her mother died of AIDS, and her father ran away a long time ago, and lived in a shelter for the homeless. The girl gathered her strength and went to school, but she often had to spend the night in the subway, in the park on the bench, or in other people’s houses. Without a good school education, Liz was able to go to Harvard. Today she is one of the speakers who speaks with inspiration that “no matter how hard your life is, and no matter how many losses were in your path, you must move forward and continue to work, then with blood and punch your way to happiness. ” Based on the life of Liz Murray, many films have been created.

5. Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne

Osborn was born in the UK. His parents worked hard, trying to feed him and five more of their children. Ozzy did not like school because he could not learn to read letters, and therefore paid more attention to music and games. At 15, the guy dropped out of school and went to work as a laborer at a construction site, and then a plumber, a master in the manufacture of spare parts for cars, a slaughterhouse worker,

factory worker… More than once Osbourne was involved in theft and hacking, which is why he ended up in jail. After his release, Ozzy went to play in a local group, and many immediately noticed his talent. After some time, with the help of friends, he created his own group called “Black Sabbath”.

Throughout his life, the scandalous singer has fought drug addiction and alcoholism. The notorious performer was banned from appearing in many cities, in addition, Ozzy was arrested many times. Nevertheless, he had the strength to release nine studio albums, his songs often became hits – and he is now a celebrity. You don’t believe it? Well, have you heard of him? Yes? So he’s a celebrity!

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