5 Ways: How To Convince The Interlocutor With The Help Of Knowledge Of The Psychology Of Impact On People

5 Ways: How To Convince The Interlocutor With The Help Of Knowledge Of The Psychology Of Impact On People

How to convince a person that you’re right? In this article, we will tell you about the most effective ways to win any dispute.

We can not always fold our hands in the process of persuading our interlocutor, and he, in turn, regularly, not yielding to you, in the end, will not put you on anything. Understanding all of the above, we have to pay more attention to aspects of the psychology of influence on people.

A lot affects your ability to influence the consciousness of people: your social status, age, leadership qualities, influence on any areas of your interlocutor’s activity, appearance, charm, and much more. But the one thing for all people who seek to comprehend the art of influencing people is the observance of the following rules:

1. No matter how difficult your interlocutor seems to you, no matter how unpleasant his speech is, it is naive to believe that his rudeness and not compliance is directed specifically at you. It is more correct to consider that this is a manifestation of his nature, the essence of his character. Get away from the thought that you are not attractive to this person and therefore will not be able to exert a psychological influence on the person arrogantly standing in front of you. Likewise, coolly transfer the topic of conversation from your personality to the subject of the conversation itself, insist that this is not about the presence of sympathy or antipathy towards each other, but about deeds. From the point of view of the psychology of difficult interlocutors, they are waiting for a negative response from the other side and taking the interlocutor out of a calm state.

2. A difficult interlocutor tends to believe that his opinion is the only correct one, so you will be wasting time if you point out his mistakes in an affirmative way. It will be more correct and more effective to point out to him his errors and mistakes in a well-written question. So you will delicately and diplomatically avoid confrontation, but you will violate the inviolability of the point of view of the partner in the conversation.

3. The clarity of materials that refute the point of view of the interlocutor is encouraged. Here it will be difficult for the interlocutor to “disown”, because the facts speak far from in his favor.

4. Be attentive to his words, do not interrupt, try to delve into the essence set forth by him, no matter how absurd it may seem to you. Concentrating on the opponent’s speech will allow you to identify errors in it and understand his point of view.

5. A difficult opponent, any connoisseur of the art of acting will tell you, also touchy. Therefore, it is so important to treat him with respect, not to hurt his ego, not to form premature conclusions about his actions and personal qualities, and even more so to say it out loud.

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