6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

In this article, we will tell you how to quickly and purposely cry for no reason. Tears in the eyes of a person can touch anyone, so it is worth learning how to call them on purpose and quickly.

“Tears are the weapons of women!” – once said William Shakespeare. However, this psychological way of manipulating people is effective regardless of gender, so anyone can master the science of how to cry quickly for no reason. In addition, such a skill can be used not only for selfish purposes, but also in order to amaze friends and acquaintances with their acting skills. In any case, whatever the goals, nothing prevents you from learning how to learn to cry on purpose (perhaps useful in the future). 

Emotional way

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

No matter how strange it may sound, in order to cry, you need to completely calm down. Throw it out of your head, forget what you need to do now, why, how you will do it. When you managed to get rid of all thoughts from your head, imagine what will happen if you do not get what you want, do not achieve success in the undertaken business. Moreover, find in yourself not anger or hatred, but resentment, pity for yourself or for those who will be the losers as a result of your failure. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Or remember some unpleasant moment from your past. It can be anything: the death of a loved one, a beloved pet, a shameful incident from your biography, or, conversely, something very joyful and exciting for you. Again, pay attention to the fact that it is not worth analyzing the act or event, but remember only the emotion that you experienced. 

Recollecting and analyzing the situation can distract from the actual crying act and interfere with your acting talent. To prevent this from happening, you can watch some sad movie in advance. When you have to cry, you will remember the most heartbreaking scenes from it. In general, sad stories about animals rather than people are more likely to cause tears.

The method with yawning and stopping gaze

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

Yawning is another good method for crying on purpose and quickly. When a person opens his mouth very wide, tears are automatically welling up in his eyes. For greater effect, you can keep your eyes open for a long time, focusing on one point. When you no longer have the strength to endure, blink quickly

Onion method

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

When asked how to cry quickly for no reason, many housewives and cooks will confidently advise you to chop onions. Indeed, this garden plant will make even the most persistent people cry. The fact is that when onion cells are destroyed, sulfonic acid molecules come out of them, which combine with proteins and turn into a light tear ether (lacrimator). It contains a large amount of sulfuric acid, which irritates our eyes and mucous membranes.

This method is suitable for those who need a photo or a short video with a crying person. It is easy to chop the onion and bring it to your face just before filming, and when tears appear, you can take pictures or record.

This method is not suitable for film actors who need to cry unexpectedly in the frame. He will not, in the middle of a sad scene, cut the head of an onion near his face. In addition, the eyes from this plant sometimes sting so that it is impossible to open them and demonstrate their acting skills. Agree that a person who cries, narrows his eyes, opens his mouth and rubs his eyes, does not represent crying very naturally.

Method with eye drops

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

To cry quickly and for no reason, you can use eye drops. They will have a beneficial effect on the state of the organ of vision and will look like tears. This method is suitable for those who want to act out a small resentment scene. The fact is that the drops by themselves do not affect the work of the lacrimal glands, so there will be exactly as much liquid as you drip. Also note that your eyes should be a little red and puffy when you cry. To achieve this effect, you can rub your eyes in advance with clean hands or carefully wet them with plain water, which slightly irritates the mucous membranes.

Method without tears

This method is suitable for those who want to quickly cry in public, when there is no way to chop onions or use eye drops. The method is used by many actors and actresses during filming. It may seem more complicated than the previous methods, but if you follow the instructions carefully and put in a little effort, then you will get natural tears, red eyes and aesthetic crying in just 30 seconds.

First you need to calm down and make a low and trembling voice. Then close your eyes tightly (you can even press a little on them with your fingers), after 5 seconds, open them sharply. Your eyes will slightly bake – be patient and don’t blink. For more effect, wiggle back and forth a little to blow air into your eyes. After a while, you can blink so that a tear rolls down your cheek. You don’t need to rub your eyes on purpose – they will be red and wet anyway.

Pepper method

6 Ways: How To Deliberately And Quickly Cry For No Reason

This method is only suitable for those who tolerate spicy foods well. Take any hot pepper – chili or jalapeno. If you are an actor and are performing on stage or acting in films, put the pepper in your pocket or palm. Eat pepper half a minute before crying. This must be done imperceptibly so that the audience does not suspect anything. Tears will come very quickly. You can close your eyes so that they flow freely down your cheeks. Of course, you shouldn’t chew or breathe with your mouth open during a teary scene.

What to Consider to Get Natural Crying?

Learning to bring tears to your eyes as if by magic is half the battle. The real actor has to act out the whole crying scene. It is clear that we cry not only because of resentment, worries or some negative emotions, but also when we are in a too joyful and excited state. The people around make a conclusion about a person’s feelings not only by the presence of tears directly, but also by his general appearance, facial expressions, speech, and body movements. The latter must be taken care of in advance.

To make crying the most natural and aesthetic, pay attention not only to the work of the lacrimal glands, but also to your acting skills. You can watch videos of people crying to analyze and then reproduce their facial expressions. In advance, come up with a rough text of what you want to say while crying. Please note that your speech with strong emotional arousal should not be particularly logical and restrained, but still be understandable to others (it is difficult to achieve the desired effect if they saw your tears, but did not understand at all what you want). Remember to say the words with pauses and a trembling voice. Practice correct facial expressions in front of the mirror: how you will wipe away tears, sob, curl or bite swollen lips, wrinkle your nose and squint. You can record your crying scene on video, and then revise it in order to understand your mistakes and correct them in the future. It is important not to overdo it with emotions, because fake is very easy to spot.

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