And even science doesn’t know

Nowadays we think of ourselves as of beings, capable to manipulate the nature, creating something new or, at least, benefit from some of natural laws. There is science – a very powerful tool which we use largely. However, we still have undiscovered questions not only about surrounding world, but also about phenomenon that happens in us, humans.

Today we’ll introduce you the subjects that we don’t know the meaning or explanations. Let’s get started.

Why do we itch

And even science doesn't know

Mechanical itching is a signal from the skin that, for example, an insect has landed on it. In this case, combing can drive it away. If the insect is not driven away in time, histamine will begin to act in the skin, which will cause more and more itching.

You see, itching is an unpleasant sensation that makes you want to scratch. But doing so, it would only getting worse. Why do we need it? Scientists don’t know, too.

How do we get older

And no matter how many doctors or cosmetologists declare that they have found a way to stop aging, there is no final method, because scientists do not fully understand this process. There are enough funds in the body to neutralize most of the factors that cause its aging. But at the same time, it continues to further disturb the whole of humanity.

Why do we laugh

And even science doesn't know

Laughter is unexplained reaction of the human body to strong emotions. Scientists believe that it has developed as a social tool. But this is also characteristic of some animals, including dolphins. The main hypothesis says that laughter is a reaction that promotes pro-social behavior, which makes it clear that the struggle is just a game, not serious action. But over time, people developed laughter in other ways. And now its mechanism and significance are not fully understood by scientists.

How and why animals return to their places of birth

Animals can travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to the places where they were born to continue their race. But scientists do not understand how they find these places after months and years of absence. There is a theory that the geomagnetic fields of the planet help them. But finally it was not confirmed.

The second hypothesis suggests that some animals focus on odors. But they need to somehow get as close as possible to their source so that the molecules do not get divorced by other odors. Therefore, this theory remains unproven 100 percent.

How does turbulence occur?

And even science doesn't know

Understanding this process is crucial for engineers. But, unfortunately, in the century when the laws of thermodynamics and mechanics were discovered, it did not work to build a full-fledged turbulence pipe. There are special equations describing the movement of liquids and gases. But they themselves are not fully understood. Therefore, turbulence is still a mystery to physicists.

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