Animals – how do they see

Hi friends! Did you know that pigeons see better than us? Have you ever thought how animals and birds see the world in reality? What does the fish that looks at us see? In this article we will answer all these questions in detail!


Animals - how do they see

Due to the location of the eyes on the sides of the head, the horse does not see part of the objects directly in front, they seem to fall into the blind zone. Also, they do not see as many colors as we do. Their world is painted in gray, yellow and blue.


Animals - how do they see

Most fish have ultraviolet receptors and a more spherical lens of the eye than humans. They see the world in green, red and blue. Deep sea fish can generally see in the dark.

As for sharks, they generally see the world in black and white. But underwater, their vision is much clearer than we can see.


Animals - how do they see

As for the birds, their eyesight is somewhat similar to ours, but not quite. Unlike people, they can see, in addition to ordinary colors, ultraviolet radiation. Due to the special structure of the eye, birds can focus on the selected object and see it as if in multiple magnification. For example, eagles and other birds of prey can see a mouse running across the field from a height of 1.5 kilometers.


Animals - how do they see

Insects have thousands of visual receptors, which in total create a wide viewing angle, wider than we see. They also perceive the image in slow motion and see ultraviolet light.
The bee is surprisingly unable to distinguish red. Instead of red they see blue.


Animals - how do they see

Cats do not distinguish colors well, but their viewing angle is wider than ours, so they see better on the sides. In the dark, cats see 6 times better than humans, their pupils dilate and narrow, adapting to any lighting.


Animals - how do they see

Dogs do not see red and orange, but they can clearly distinguish between blue and violet, and they also see ultraviolet light. However, they can distinguish up to 40 shades of gray.

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