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Economic bubbles and who inflates them 0

Economic bubbles and who inflates them

Surely you have heard many times before about such an economic term as a economic bubble, and if not, in today’s article we will introduce you to it. In fact, there is nothing complicated...

Feel lonely? Not only you 0

Feel lonely? Not only you

Like always, and maybe now more than ever, we feel lonely. The reasons may differ, but result is always the same – apathy, a sort of tiredness, longing. Unsatisfaction. But don’t quite so fast,...

Honesty is Machiavelli 0

Honesty is Machiavelli

Great writer, philosopher and diplomat. A man of knowledge, fluent in Latin. A man who has been married to one woman his whole life and raised five children. The person who liked to play...

Why Mars remains inaccessible 0

Why Mars remains inaccessible

Over the past hundred years, humanity has advanced in space exploration. At the moment, large-scale projects for the study of outer space are being developed, but not always our strength and knowledge are enough...

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