Big Brother Watches You

We are, more or less  in the Orwell’s ‘1984’ era, aren’t we? Let’s think about it: do you have any smart devices that could make up a play list especially for you, basing only at your previous choices? Does the voice searching system like “OK Google” one find your requests? Have you ever phoned by a video call to your friends? Have you ever tried to buy something on the Internet?

Of course you did, at least some points from this list. So it actually means that you create your one story on the Internet, and this story can be watched by others. Yes, it happens. Why? In this article we will discover these reasons. As you understood, our theme is connected with the dangers of new technologies. The most important of all – theycan disrupt your privacy on the Internet, but if you want to keep them, there are a few things you can do to minimize their eavesdropping potential.

So, we’ll take a look on some new inventions and methods which could strengthen and preserve your data’s confidentiality from the fraud. 


Big Brother Watches You

Usually smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon’s Echo won’t transmit your private chatting for others, they only use your speech after you pressing the button or speaking a command phrase. But here comes the trick: the auditory analyzer can misheard background conversation as a command and send it to the net for checking. This data files are stored indefinitely and may include conversations in the background. They can be used by lawyers in some investigations.

Big companies let you manage your voice history, but still we emphasize that nothing can prohibit them saving your command history at all. However, now the request’s story is free from human control, still you have to be attentive when choosing what to request.

Idem for the smart television system, connected with internet.


Big Brother Watches You

When you don’t use video to call somebody, make sure that your camera is turned away to the wall or other places, which don’t linked with your personal space, stick a bandage or some tape over the camera.  


Big Brother Watches You

If you have some security cameras to check up what’s going on with your pets or children when you’re absent, it’s a bit insecure because the video you see on the app can be seen by a hacker too. So you have to understand whether it’s necessary for you or not.  


Big Brother Watches You

Smart locks let you unlock doors with an app, and you can let in guests even when you’re not home. Burglars might try to hack the system. Do you need to replace a simple lock by an expensive one, which also can be not so safe?


Big Brother Watches You

The technology, called “deepfake”, involves the creation of fake photos or videos that have a surprising resemblance to the original. They are set up with just a few audio and video files, which are easy to get from social networks. Because of it you have to be aware of what you’re posting. However, this requires large computing power, video and voice fragments of good quality, time to refine the architecture of the neural network and error analysis, so the cases of theft and fraud are rare. These risks would increase in the future.

Here the artificial intelligence also can be partly included, whose capacity allows copying the voice of a person. So, one case of theft is already done: an employee of a British company thought that he was talking to the CEO, and transferred $243000 to the fraudster’s account.


Big Brother Watches You

Finally, the spread of 5G networks will lead to an increasing number of services-from safe and smart city projects to new approaches in healthcare. They, like any other services, need to be provided with a high level of security — because everything connected to the network can potentially be hacked. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4G or 5G. Then, don’t reuse your passwords to protect your data.

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