Breaking bad experience right now

Nowadays we’re all taken into the circumstances when, in isolation, the fears can start to grow in our head. We’re talking not only about virus, but also about past experience. And right now, to reassure you a little, we purpose you some tips to let it go and finally get ready to the new start. If you are searching for methods to break past experience – welcome here.

These valuable tips will help you survive negative experiences and unpleasant memories that can become a barrier to your success and well-being!

How to forget about negative experiences?

Humiliation and embarrassment. In some situation, everyone can experience these feelings. The conclusion that our psyche draws from such “tests of strength” is one: “I am scared, I do not want this to happen again!” How to cope with this experience and transfer it, if not painlessly, then with the least loss?

Step 1. Think about what happened

Breaking bad experience right now

Yes, your psyche will defend itself: you will immediately have urgent matters, or someone will distract you. Your subconscious mind will do everything so that you do not torment yourself with memories.

Approach the process from the other side. Tell yourself that what happened to you is already in the past, and now you need to learn a lesson from this so that this does not happen again. Relax. Breathe deeply for a while, concentrating on your breath, and then start remembering. Think about what triggered this or that action, how you yourself influenced the outcome of events. When the memories become too painful, take your breath away. Take a few deep breaths and exhalations, and then return to where you left off.

Do not blame anyone in this situation – neither yourself, nor other participants in the events, just try to look at what happened as if you were watching a movie in a movie theater.

Step 2. When you have mastered the viewing, return to the idea of what was good in this situation.

Breaking bad experience right now

Perhaps now you recognize previously unknown sides of another person or your own. Think about how to use this new information in the future (for example, you will never hurt these feelings of the husband again or talk to your wife in that

tone). Try to find as many good points as possible, it’s better to even write them down and re-read them when you are done.

Step 3. Throw out your emotions

Breaking bad experience right now

If you feel like crying, cry, if you are angry, beat the pillow, do push-ups or run a few laps around the house. Experiences must be physically manifested, otherwise they will remain in you, forming an energy block. In this case, it will be much more difficult to forget and let go of the situation, and it will be even more difficult to remain calm in similar moments.

You can talk with a loved one about what happened, someone else’s point of view will help to look at the situation objectively. Perhaps after this, negative experience will not seem as critical as before.

Step 4. Pretend nothing happened

Breaking bad experience right now

If you have to continue to communicate with people who participated in the conflict, then at the meeting try to act as if nothing had happened or your memory had completely disappeared. Even if other people try to return to past events, sincerely ask them: “What are you talking about? And I already forgot about it … “

Remember, most people forget things that are not directly related to them. Others may not even take seriously the experience which you suffered a lot from, so do not return to the events of the past.

Step 5. Learn to laugh at yourself

Breaking bad experience right now

Then those who want to hurt you will not be interested, because they expect a completely different reaction. This step is especially useful for schoolchildren and adolescents. If parents teach children to laugh at themselves and their mistakes, then the life will become much easier.

Step 6. Remember, time heals!

Breaking bad experience right now

Even if now it seems to you that you will never be able to live as before, you will forget what happened after a few months. In an emergency for you, go through all the above 5 steps, then at step 6 it will take very little time!

How to overcome negative thinking

This is a complex and long process that will require a complete transformation of consciousness.

1. Try as much as possible to limit the flow of any negative information consciously. Negative films with scenes of violence and death, negative programs, articles, conversations … – try to exclude all this from your time.

2. Try to pronounce to yourself various positive attitudes and affirmations. In order to formulate them correctly, identify thoughts that interfere with life, and replace them with directly opposite positive thoughts (without a particle NOT). Each time this process will be simpler and faster. For example, if you think that you are sick or ugly, try to force yourself to think in the opposite direction: “I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am rich, etc.” Work with statements after you wake up and before you go to sleep. You must literally reprogram yourself into a positive wave.

3. Remember, transformation takes time!

Performing this work, you will notice how negative experiences will be replaced by positive ones, everything around you will begin to change: people will become kinder, those who used to cause irritation will not cause any emotions, life will become brighter and happier, and your self-esteem and new self-esteem will make your path to success faster and more favorable!

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