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Richard Serra 0

Richard Serra

Origins Since the early 1980s, huge rusty pieces of iron have sometimes appeared on the streets and squares of European and American cities. Now the townspeople are already used to them, but a quarter...

Fra Angelico (1400-1455) 0

Fra Angelico (1400-1455)

Today we will briefly introduce you the artist of one of the transition periods of art history (quattrocento) Fra Angelico. The world of this creator is filled with radiance and bright, joyful colors, something...

The Mighty Highlander - Titian 0

The Mighty Highlander – Titian

We are not going to talk about every breath of a great artist. Instead, we will share with you some piece of information that will help to create in your view the most vivid,...

Art - why is it SO expansive? 0

Art – why is it SO expansive?

How often did you wonder why are paintings by Banksy, Salvador Dali or Picasso so expansive? It seems to us that you did it more than once or twice. That is why in this...

Monument tattoos and their meaning 0

Monument tattoos and their meaning

Adored by fans of black and gray tattoos, especially in the Chicano style, the monument tattoos convey the look of the stone well. Classical statues are often a tribute to the gods or heroes...

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