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Economic bubbles and who inflates them 0

Economic bubbles and who inflates them

Surely you have heard many times before about such an economic term as a economic bubble, and if not, in today’s article we will introduce you to it. In fact, there is nothing complicated...

Understand stock market 0

Understand stock market

Everyone is constantly talking about this – the economy, the crisis, the fall or rise of the currency, the gross domestic product and, finally, the stock market. Why all? Because money money money, always...

American economy versus Coronavirus 0

American economy versus Coronavirus

It was a month and a half ago – in other words, an eternity. On February 12, the Dow Jones broke a new record, at 29,551 points. The 30,000 point mark seemed to be...

Crisis, we have one… but which one? 0

Crisis, we have one… but which one?

As you have noticed, dear readers, the global economy tolerates certain losses because of the spread of coronavirus. The situation is inevitable, but no less frightening. Does what we have now look like the...

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