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Honesty is Machiavelli 0

Honesty is Machiavelli

Great writer, philosopher and diplomat. A man of knowledge, fluent in Latin. A man who has been married to one woman his whole life and raised five children. The person who liked to play...

Stop being productive 0

Stop being productive

You watch a video to improve yourself and your life, but you never follow a point from what they tell you? You want to do most of the tasks from the list, but the...

5 rich people who surprised the whole world 0

5 rich people who surprised the whole world

We, like everybody, love to listen to success stories of others. During crisis they inspire us, show how far perseverance, self-confidence and determination can lead. The stories of the wealth and success of all...

Breaking bad experience right now 0

Breaking bad experience right now

Nowadays we’re all taken into the circumstances when, in isolation, the fears can start to grow in our head. We’re talking not only about virus, but also about past experience. And right now, to...

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