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Feel lonely? Not only you 0

Feel lonely? Not only you

Like always, and maybe now more than ever, we feel lonely. The reasons may differ, but result is always the same – apathy, a sort of tiredness, longing. Unsatisfaction. But don’t quite so fast,...

You're joking (?) 0

You’re joking (?)

Sometimes we need a great sense of humor to be brave, to practice self relaxation and of course, stay human. Any, even the worst sense of humor can be developed, even if you cannot...

His Girl Friday 0

His Girl Friday

Cinema masterpieces, at home, for free and without defrauding? Archive, the American organization which makes available a large number of free works on the Internet, contains more than 6,500 films which have fallen...

The most unusual buildings in the world 0

The most unusual buildings in the world

1. Basket House (USA, Newark) The idea of an office building that looks like a giant shopping basket comes from Dave Longaberger, the founder of the basket and other home stuff production’s company. Construction...

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