Challenge! Good eyesight is not a vice

Are you aware that a third of humanity cannot distinguish the features of people who greet them on the street clearly? Why? Most likely because of myopia, or just poor eyesight, dear readers. We go blind, burying ourselves in a computer, iPad, iPhone or e-book. This is extremely worrying, so today we suggest you go through a small challenge. The conditions are very simple:

– be sure to observe regularity

– do not make too much effort (you heard right)

– do after eating

Our task is to remove glasses from your face or do not allow them to be worn on you in the future. So let’s try it.

1. Improving blood flow

Challenge! Good eyesight is not a vice

For many aged people, vision problems leave a very serious imprint on the functioning of the visual apparatus – they simply cannot turn their eyes to the side because they have worn glasses all their lives. Therefore, the more movement you provide to your eyes, the longer they function. So, let’s practice the exercises, there are only three of them:

• You need to move your eyes in different directions in a straight line – from left to right; repeat it several times, and then change the path in the directions “up and down”.

• Move your eyes clockwise and against it.

• Squeeze your eyes with force for a few seconds, and then open your eyes widely.

2. Eyes Building

Challenge! Good eyesight is not a vice

Yes, your eyes also have muscles, and keeping them in good shape helps to reduce fatigue from, for example, long work with the computer. We start:

• You need to open your eyes and try to draw a figure of eight, while not helping your head. This must be done slowly and smoothly, do not to allow sudden movements. It is enough to repeat this 5-7 times.

• You need to pick up a pencil and take it exactly in front of you. Then your hand should move from one side to the other, while the eyes will follow the pencil. In this case, the head should not move.

• Put your hands on your belt. It is necessary to turn the head slowly in different directions, and to look in the direction of movement to the left, to the right. This exercise item should be done 20 times in different directions.

3. Enjoy the process

Challenge! Good eyesight is not a vice

Finally, we provide you with small bonuses of our therapy. Try it out, dude, you’ll like it.

• listen to the slow music that helps relaxation

• buy a colored lamp, it is beautiful and helps to relax

• eat carrots, even with sugar

• do not forget about jam, especially from plums, oranges and blueberries

• observe a moderate, but not excessive physical exercise, avoiding exercises with sharp head movements.

Treat yourself with love and do not forget to take care of yourself!

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