Feel lonely? Not only you

Like always, and maybe now more than ever, we feel lonely. The reasons may differ, but result is always the same – apathy, a sort of tiredness, longing. Unsatisfaction. But don’t quite so fast, we’re here today to provide you with some stories of people who felt the same way. In this article you’ll find 5 books that may help you not to feel completely alone. Take a look.

“Steppe Wolf” Hermann Hesse

Feel lonely? Not only you

Harry Galler – lonely, brilliant, always looking for someone and something outside, but forgetting to look inside himself. Three meetings await Harry: with a stunning book, with the mysterious Hermina and with the steppe wolf, which is inside and free. But what are these three meetings? ..

“Rituals” by Says Noteboom

Feel lonely? Not only you

A novel about the tragedy that is full of loneliness. Three heroes, and each has rituals with which they try to fill the void. One is happy when he sleeps with women, although they mean nothing to him. Another obsessed with punctuality. The third is at the tea ceremony.

“The Book of Solitude” Max Fry

Feel lonely? Not only you

Loneliness hurts. This is torture, but torture is necessary. Thinking people must comprehend and accept their loneliness, for the only way to push their thoughts to the limit. And you don’t need to fight against loneliness – it’s pointless, because even in the crowd we are all the same alone.

“April Witch” Maygull Axelsso

Feel lonely? Not only you

Desiree is bedridden. She is lonely and endowed with the gift of overcoming time and distance. She is trying to understand which of her sisters stole her life: a hopeless drug addict, a successful doctor or scientist. Abandoned by close people, Desiree found a goal and a way to achieve it.

“Crocodile under the bed” Mariasun

Feel lonely? Not only you

LandaH.H. unexpectedly found a crocodile under his bed. The hero decided that this was serious, and immediately consulted a doctor. The doctor did not hesitate for too long, because the symptom is eloquent: the patient has crocodilite. And there are cures for it. But how to treat loneliness?

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