Find me somebody to make compliments

Find me somebody to make compliments

Today, along with the widespread quarantine in the company of yourself and, most likely, beloved friends and relatives, the situation of interpersonal relations will become tense. Why, you would ask? Just because people forgot what it is like to be next to each other and communicate directly. One way to make this tricky process easier is to give a simple … praise. Or a compliment. But it isn’t an easy subject, is it?

So we offer you to go through one of, in our opinion, fundamental challenges of this year (fundamental! Sounds cool, right?) The rules are simple: in a week you will have to make at least ten compliments, HOWEVER only following the recommendations that we will provide you below with. And let’s get started.

Why is it not easy to pay a compliment?

Let’s be honest, if you love yourself, maybe even a little over norm, making a compliment is as simple task for you, because you don’t feel like you are inferior to anyone. However, dear friends, if you have a famous low self-esteem, you have some problems. We would like to clarify that we do not condemn low self-esteem at all, but recognize this phenomenon as quite popular among people who doubt, and therefore think. Many writers had problems precisely on this basis, so in this case we simply state the fact. Please do not be offended and take it easy.

So here let’s recall how a person with low self-esteem thinks if he wants to give a compliment:

I want to make a compliment – that means I admit that these people are better than me personally – that means these people don’t need my opinion – that’s why I’m not only worse than them, but I also admit my lack right in front of them – I will feel weak, so I won’t give any complements.

And along with this, your desire is an emotion, a certain energy, which needs to find some way out. Even your brain takes pleasure in saying a nice word to someone, because at the moment of your kindness endorphin, the hormone of happiness, is released. If you quench this emotion within yourself, well, you are left with nothing. Therefore, it is better to take this step and prove yourself, BUT not in any situation and not with any person or thing.


The main thing here is that when making a compliment, you must remain sincere, otherwise it will not lead to anything. Hence our basic rules:

decide on what you really like

try to understand whether you are sincere in your choice or are you trying to please someone

and only in third place – the amount of 10 pieces of compliments

Well, you can start from praising yourself (but only once).

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