Fra Angelico (1400-1455)

Today we will briefly introduce you the artist of one of the transition periods of art history (quattrocento) Fra Angelico. The world of this creator is filled with radiance and bright, joyful colors, something that we often lack. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Most often it’s hard to surprise us with the masters of the past, because today we have already seen the experience of many, many artists, realists and surrealists. However, try to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts and comparisons before looking down at the pictures. Imagine a black space, and from here reveals this or that picture. Think about what the artist went to to paint like that. And then the veil of the true mastery of the author will be opened to you.


First, we must explain the “transition” of this period. The fact is that at the time of Angelico’s work, the Gothic period was coming to an end, however, the Renaissance has not yet come into full force. So we see the merger of the two styles, and our artist is the finest master of this merger. He was able to take from late Gothic graceful bending of figures, grace of faces and delicate scales of color and combine this with the natural perspective of the composition on canvas. In other words, he made the world of religious scenes more voluminous.

Fra Angelico (1400-1455)

Fra Angelico was not only an artist, but also one of the fathers of the church, a priest. From here, perhaps, comes his touching, almost naive festive flavor in the depiction of biblical scenes. Also pay attention to the abundant use of gold in everything that is connected with the divine.

Fra Angelico (1400-1455)

The abundance of symboles. Let’s take a look at the picture of the Annunciation and pay attention to some details. Fencing in the background in medieval tradition signifies the Immaculate Conception, and the figures of Adam and Eve, depicted in the distance, are a hint of first humanity’s sin. Further, the dove above the head of the Virgin Mary is a symbol of the holy spirit.

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