Freebies Google Play(PlayMarket). Get 4 apps

GooglePlay always keep on delighting with its discounts and freebies, we provide an alternate list of applications that have become free at the moment.

1. Archery Ninja – Sniper Shooting Assassin GameGooglePlay (Sports)
Rating: 4.6 (289 reviews)
$1.49 – Free


Archery Ninja Shooting is a 3D mobile game which has amazing 3D shooting graphics, animations. Makes you feel like you are actually in the sports games. Come and try your best to be the archery master. Archery Ninja shooter and Archery games is for which improves your focus and shooting skills level. Take accurate shots to smash all the targets with Archery Bows. In this archery simulator game while crushing fruits with arrows you need to stay focused on target. This archery blast game is new gun app where you hit the target with real bow and arrow in hand. As a Archery shooter don’t hit the wrong target.

2. Hairy LettersGooglePlay (Educational)
Rating: 3.9 (73 reviews)
$3.99 – Free


Hairy Letters is an award-winning phonics app that helps letter and sound recognition.
Learn the names and sounds of each letter with the Hairies

3. Football Challenger 2GooglePlay (Sports)
Rating: 3.5 (57 reviews)
$4.99 – Free


This is a soccer manager game, where you start by creating your manager profile and join a team. For each match you have to decide the formation, as well as the players that go in it, and then a simulation of it will begin, and hopefully, you win as many matches as possible, and then upgrade your team and become even stronger. Try to take your team to the finals each time, and try to win all tournaments possible.

4. Extreme Car Stunts – 3D Ramp Driving Games 2021GooglePlay (Simulation)
Rating: 4.0 (784 reviews)
$1.49 – Free


Are you ready for impossible race to make possible? Aren’t so get ready for impossible track car racing on top on sky playing most 3d challenging tracks. It’s full of adventure including thrilling stunt performing and car driving game. If you’re fast speed real driver to performing impossible stunts so have a new experience of real car stunt game.

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