Fun maths – and it happens

Today we will offer you one way to make friends with … maths. Or at least show it to you in an unexpected manner. After all, even such an item can be interesting and quite fascinating. Our challenge is fun maths!

The brain is, of course, not a muscle, but nevertheless it needs constant training in order to be in good shape, to be able to solve the most difficult life tasks and respond quickly. One of the easiest ways to keep it in shape is through puzzles.

Now it is especially important to maintain your mental abilities. That’s why you should try to answer the following questions. The correct answers are at the end, BUT … do not look there right away.


1. The farmer had 17 sheeps, and all but nine died. How many sheep does the farmer have?

2. It is known that among nine coins there is one, in which the weight is less than the rest of the coins. How to determine a counterfeit coin using a cup scale in two weighings?

3. What is bigger – the sum of all numbers or their multiplication?

4. How many eggs can I eat on an empty stomach?

5. How to jump from a ten-meter ladder and not get hurt?

6. Two fathers, two sons found three oranges and divided them. Each got a whole orange. How can this happen?

7. If it rains at 12 o’clock in the night, can we expect that after 72 hours there will be sunny weather?

The answers

1. He has nine sheeps left, as the condition says

2. 1st weighing: 3 and 3 coins. A fake coin in the pile is that weighs less. If they are equal, then the fake is in the third pile. 2nd weighing: From a pile with the lowest weight, any 2 coins are compared. If they are equal, then the fake is the remaining coin

3. The sum is bigger, since the multiplication equals 0

4. Only one. All the rest will not be eaten on an empty stomach.

5. You can jump from the last rung

6. These were the grandfather, father and son

7. No, because after 72 hours it will be night

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