Going on a journey… at home

Let’s try to forget the noise of city streets, rush, constant fatigue and partial irritation. Try to rid of your usual surroundings, but not by force, as if against yourself, but by your own free will. You will not lose anything or sacrifice anything – especially in the circumstances; instead of everything that was before, you just need to take something tasty by the arm, make tea and choose one of the numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

This will be your route. Maps are provided below.

P.S. Yes, you understood correctly, in such a veiled form we suggest you to read a book about one of some countries of the world.

1. The best country in the world (Fakta om Finland), Erland Lou

Going on a journey... at home

The main character, who has never been to Finland, is instructed to write a fascinating guide to it. And he takes up the matter enthusiastically. But in the course of work he encounters such facts that he did not expect to find out about this seemingly quiet and calm country.

2. Night train to Lisbon, Pascal Mercier

Going on a journey... at home

The novel is called one of the best philosophical works of Europe in modern times. One day the main hero, a teacher, meets a girl, which he saves from the attempt of suicide. After a bit of time, he found one interesting philosophical book about the past and changes that we could make if we have chosen another things that ones we live our lives with. And then he starts to act, changing his life like he want…  in Portugal.

3. Caipirinha with Death (Caipirinha med Döden), Maria Ernestam

Going on a journey... at home

Tourists usually go to Sweden for a relaxing holiday and economical shopping. But this northern country has another face that will be opened in this novel. On the narrow streets of the Old Town, high-ranking officials interfere in the life of an ordinary Swedish girl, Erica. With her eyes you will see a city of Stockholm that you have never seen, Stockholm, where you can meet the devil in a historical museum and drink black coffee with death in a cafe.

4. In the wild, Jon Krakauer

We start our voyage to see wildlife and strange people. Like the film shot from the book, the original source itself is very impressive – and will not be released soon. The real story of Chris McCandless became world famous thanks to the skill of the famous writer Jon Krakauer and the brilliant film adaptation. An abandoned bus in the middle of Alaska has become a real mecca for travelers, and Chris himself has become an idol among young opponents of gray office life and material values.

5. Istanbul. City of Memories, Orhan Pamuk

Going on a journey... at home

It’s like a memoir, but in fact a novel whose main character is one of the most important cities on earth, with its stories and people, mosques, dilapidated but beautiful streets, and the sea in the middle. Istanbul turned out to be black and white, like an old photograph, like a thin pen drawing. The man who lived in the city for half a century grows together with him. He knows everything about him, knows everything in him – and can navigate through the most non-tourist streets in such a way that we have only to contemplate it.

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