How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

Everyone has already heard a hundred times that sleep is important. It is so important that when we can’t sleep, we suffer not because we can’t sleep, but actually because we blame ourselves. Yes, that’s it. We blame the lack of sleep and suffer doubly. How can I sleep, you think. It’s impossible. The same stupid thoughts will never get out of my head.

The answer is as simple as a piece of cake. You always need to consider YOURSELF and only YOURSELF in what you do, and sleep is not an exception. Let’s imagine that you are a wild animal. You are on the lookout for sleep conditions. Think about it, will an animal in any situation fulfill all the items on the list assigned to it by the genetic program? Always have time to find a safe place? To feed themselves? To take care of the lack of predators in the area?

Of course not. However, if it had the time and the choice, what would it do? It would seek satisfaction! Something that will suit him without any conditions and compromises. Without self-abuse. So we, who are not far away from animals, should choose what we will be satisfied with one hundred percent, whether it’s about eating chocolate, in principle, eating before going to bed, a walk, a party or a pack of cigarettes.

We suggest that you implement the principle of nonviolence for yourself by choosing from the following options what suits you:

Cold or warm

How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

If you air the room, the overall temperature of the room will drop, and you will want to shrink and find warmth (of course, under the blanket). At the same time, putting socks on your feet will increase your chances of falling asleep faster.

Primitiveness or technology

How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

Darkness, which includes the absence of light from light bulbs and electronic media, will also play a big role in the pursuit of sleep. However, if you decide to play a simple game and read something that does not particularly excite the brain from your phone, you also win.

Reading or Writing

How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

We mentioned reading from the phone, but do not forget about paper books, magazines, and newspapers. Moreover, you can work on the creation of the text yourself, writing out the problems or troubles that concern you at the moment. This will significantly reduce the level of anxiety, and also leave you with a list of tasks for the next day.

Gymnastics or meditation

How to fall asleep if you have insomnia

Someone will prefer to remove the clamps in the body, and turn to various kinds of stretching or light gymnastics. On the other hand, it is not harmful to stretch the convolutions of your brain, if your clamps are focused there. Meditation will help you with this.

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