How to get GOAT OF DUTY on Steam for Free

Goat of Duty is a competitive first-person shooter that offers the concept of the good old Call of Duty, but with goats. The game takes place in a dark future, where smart goats seized power over the world. In the game, battles are held in the format of 2-10 players. There is customization that allows you to dress up your goat in various costumes. Four network modes are available in the game: “All against all”, “Dump”, “Herd wars” and “Crazy fights of goat-born in the arena”. Goats can attack enemies with both weapons and their horns.

To receive games you should:

1. Follow the link:

2. Log in to the site

3. Click the “AD TO ACCOUNT” button

How to get GOAT OF DUTY on Steam for Free


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