How to hide any app on iPhone.

In this article, we will tell you how to hide or mask any application. How to make it so that there is a music icon, and the calculator comes off for example.
Under the guise of a regular calculator, you can hide any application that only you know about. You don’t even need to download anything on the iPhone, you have the Shortcuts app

How to do it:

1. We go to the Shortcuts application and click on the “+” button.

How to hide any app on iPhone.

2. Click on “Add action”.

How to hide any app on iPhone.

3. Then click on the “Application” field and select the one you want to hide from prying eyes.

4. Add an avatar and the name of the shortcut, which will be visible on the desktop – for example, “Music”. No one will even guess that there is something hidden there.

5. We remove the hidden application from the main screen. Now if you click on the automation shortcut you created, the hidden app will open. Enjoy!

How to hide any app on iPhone.

You can also do the same on Android, to learn how to hide any application and replace it with another one, see this article – ANDROID

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