How to learn to express yourself correctly with friends, at home and in the theater

How to learn to express yourself correctly with friends, at home and in the theater

In this article, we will tell you how to learn to quickly and correctly express your thoughts and not get into awkward situations.

Expressing your thoughts is not easy. For some, it’s almost natural. Others suffer for a long time before acquiring such an ability. After all, any school of self-development pays great attention to this. Why? How to learn to express your thoughts correctly?

In fact, personal effectiveness directly depends on how developed a person’s ability to express their thoughts. The ability to convey to the interlocutor their inner state determines the psychological impact on the person as a whole.

Sometimes it happens that a thought seems to be spinning in our language. However we do not find the words to express it. Because of this, our speech gets confused. It is almost impossible for an inexperienced interlocutor to understand that seemingly simple idea that we want to convey to him.

Expressing your thoughts correctly, you will be able to reach a qualitatively new level of communication skills. You will be able to both competently express your thoughts with any people, regardless of their type of activity and social status, and understand the thoughts of others.

First, just try to think more before speaking

First, say the phrase to yourself. Look at it from the outside, imagine that somebody sais it to you. Would you understand? Try to assess the situation objectively. At first it will take a lot of time to think, because over time you will quickly think over all the phrases, and even further this habit will go to your subconscious level, and you will only be surprised at how simply and clearly you are capable to convey your thoughts to the interlocutor.

The next step is your vocabulary

Sometimes there are simply not enough words to express the necessary feelings and thoughts. Therefore, constantly building your vocabulary on a regular basis will help you to reduce the number of thoughts that you cannot express in words.

Next, try to convey to people your emotional state at a given moment in time

Try not to directly express thoughts to a person, but to hint to him. Ideally, he should constantly guess what you want to say to him, and if you are able to convey thoughts to a person with hints, then it will not be difficult for you to directly tell him what you think.

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