How to make small talk with anyone

Do you ever find opportunities when a stranger strikes a conversation with you, but you do not seem keen on continuing the conversation because you cut it at the bud and say that you do not feel like doing so? Perhaps you are missing some significant moments in life when you could have gained a friend in the process.

How to make small talk with anyone

If you are someone who has a difficult time gettiIf you are someone who has a difficult time getting conversations started and making them continue, here are some tips you can use, so you can begin striking up a conversation successfully with just about anyone.

Ask a question

How to make small talk with anyone

This is still a reliable method for breaking the ice with a stranger. Maybe you can be a little more observant about your target by observing what he does before you strike up a conversation. This is important so that the other person sees your move as sincere. You can comment on something that you find interesting in the way he is dressed up, or maybe an ornament he is wearing or anything that he may be focusing on at that moment. You’ll be surprised that the stranger will turn into a friend as you find common things about the two of you. If you are in a foreign land, or if the other person is a foreigner, the next questions can be a whole batch about how long he has stayed in the country, or what his business is. This last question will be a little sensitive, so you need to weigh if this is a wise question to ask at this initial stage. Once you have broken the ice, then it will be smooth sailing from then on. The only thing that is stopping you here is your own mindset on how it would turn out at all. So, maximize that time – seize the moment.

Learn to be sensitive

How to make small talk with anyone

Learn to be sensitive to the person just in case he does not want to pursue the conversation. There will always be more people who will easily melt at the thought of someone noticing them amidst the crowd of people. So when you encounter someone who does not seem receptive, move on.

Share something, too!

How to make small talk with anyone

As the other person opens up, be prepared to share something about yourself as well. Do not ask questions one after another without revealing anything about yourself. It needs to be as casual as possible without sounding like an interrogation. People want to know more about you than you may think.

Stay connected

How to make small talk with anyone

Once you have established a rapport, if the other person is open, you can give your mobile number and if you need a talent which he has mentioned, maybe references you know can be alerted about the talents of your new friend. Thus, you are even helping the other person in that way. You have gained a friend in the process.

Indeed, it is always a great idea to win new friends because you never know how that new acquaintance will touch your life in the long run. God has wondrous ways of orchestrating events and a miracle may just happen in your life at the least unexpected time.

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