Express your thoughts correctly and speak beautifully: how to learn it quickly

In this article we will tell you how to learn to formulate your thoughts faster and speak beautifully.
By the words “right” and “beautiful”, people often understand or mean different things. In the absence of precise formulations, both correctness and beauty slide into banal taste. Learning to express yourself correctly and speak beautifully is not so difficult.  

In order not to mislead anyone, let us first try to define what it is – “right” and “beautiful”. If you imagine your thought in the form of a dart for playing darts, and the perception of your interlocutor as a target, then we call a correct throw such a throw in which the dart hits the target in the core.

The more correctly a thought is stated, the more accurately the interlocutor understands it, the less options he has for interpreting what was said. The word “correct” can be replaced by the word “exactly”, so you can better understand the essence of the term.

Beauty, it is of two types:

Express your thoughts correctly and speak beautifully: how to learn it quickly

1) Beauty as a property of the subject of conversation. The rose is beautiful in itself, this is its objective property, which exists regardless of what exactly and how we say about the rose. It is easiest to speak beautifully about things that are beautiful in themselves, because their beauty has already made an impression on the interlocutor. It will be enough to revive this impression in memory with the help of simple speech techniques, and your speech is guaranteed to be perceived as beautiful.

2) Beauty as a property of means of expression. If we have to talk not about roses, but about more mundane things, for example, about cows, then the objective qualities of the object will not come to your aid, you will have to achieve the effect yourself. The word “cow” itself is not associated with either beauty, or grace, or sublimity, and does not appeal to the emotional memory of the interlocutor, it is even and neutral. But we all remember well the song about 33 cows: a cheerful motive familiar from childhood, uncomplicated text, wonderful performance. The song sounds beautiful, and the word in it does not seem even or down-to-earth, this is the magic of music and singing as expressive means.

Set yourself a specific goal

Express your thoughts correctly and speak beautifully: how to learn it quickly

Accuracy of actions is possible only where there are precise goals. The shooter intends to hit the target, so he aims at a specific point, takes a strictly verified correction to the sight, fixes the fore-end in order to better control the recoil, etc. These actions are not taken from the flashlight, they are dictated by the size of the target, the distance to it, the type of weapon , cartridge, scope optics, wind speed and direction, etc.

In other words, in order to choose a course of action, you need to comprehend the task at hand. The main question of this article “how to learn to speak beautifully and clearly formulate your thoughts” is a question without a task, because it is not clear why to express it. Let’s clarify: “how to express feelings” to a loved one. ” Better yet, an abstract “thought” has turned into concrete “feelings for a loved one.” But there is still no answer to the question “why”, which means that this formulation is by no means.

  • How to express feelings so that this “creature” understands that it has lost.
  • How to express feelings to encourage a guy to do something.
  • How to express feelings to stop torturing yourself.
  • How to express feelings to achieve reciprocity.

Here are examples of effective objectives. With such formulations, it is more or less clear what should be avoided and what should be strived for. Consequently, the choice of behavior is easier and less likely to make a mistake. Actors are guided by a similar principle when entering a role: they determine the action performed by the character on a specific segment of the stage and throughout the entire performance. When the exact action is determined, the game is truthful and convincing.

Work on expressive presentation

Express your thoughts correctly and speak beautifully: how to learn it quickly

Expressiveness is synonymous with persuasiveness. To be understood, it is enough to verbally convey information, but in order for the information to be imbued and interested, you need to learn how to speak and express your thoughts and feelings correctly . This art is best learned from theatrical actors: this is how they manage to keep the viewer’s attention for 2-3 hours of the performance, and this is what is taught in theater schools, in courses of public speaking and rhetoric . Consider the key points that, to one degree or another, affect expressiveness. 

  • Appearance. Clothing, hairstyle, makeup, accessories and everything that immediately catches your eye is the first source of information about you. Appearance does not play a decisive role, but it can spoil the impression or create dissonance where you do not need it at all.
  • Temporhythm. Simply put, a speed or two speeds – internal and external. When a person needs something very badly, then in pursuit of what he wants, he thinks and acts faster than under normal conditions. From the outside, increased speed is interpreted as an indicator of importance and urgency.
  • Speech quality. This includes everything: the clarity of diction, the volume and strength of the voice, timbre, intonation, structure, etc.
  • Non-verbal. Gestures, facial expressions, posture, body position, eye language , etc.

Think about why a competent speaker is always dressed “with a needle”, always speaks loudly, distinctly, not monotonously and demonstrates the ability to master intonation well? Why are there no stooped speakers with a stony expression on their faces, not knowing where to put their hands and stretching each phrase unnaturally slowly? In fact, there are those, and others, but you remember only the first.

Master figurative speech, give examples, tell stories

Express your thoughts correctly and speak beautifully: how to learn it quickly

The most effective way to get a message across to the listener is to turn on their imagination. Imagination is our inner vision, with the help of which we animate and view the information received. Imagination works when you read a book or text on paper, it turns on when friends tell you an interesting story, etc. To turn on imagination, you need details that allow you to assemble a picture like a jigsaw puzzle. If there are no such details, you understand what it is about, but you can not imagine anything.

Intensive training and exercises, work on oneself help to learn to express one’s thoughts beautifully and speak correctly. You can do this both at home and with teachers of speech technology courses , theater schools and similar institutions. The latter’s help will come in handy if you find it difficult to formulate thoughts or there is a tightness, fear of being in the spotlight. 

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