Interesting trends of nail design 2020

Okey, there will be the section for ladys. Even if now it isn’t desirable to go out because of coronavirus, you have to stay aware about what’s going on in the word of trends. Here we’ll tell you about nail design 2020.

Moon manicure

It does not lose popularity. From new ideas it should be mentioned the creation of a metal overflow inthe holes, the use of fresh saturated colors, or leaving the hole transparent, that is, giving”negative surface”. “Lunar” manicure stays one of the most popular,thanks to the duration of existence: it does not lose its attractiveness even on grown nails.

Spider web

It’s far to be boring. It’s pretty, already loved by everybody. In the upcoming nail season, designers advise the “spider web” doesn’t matter in a strict geometric or in a light and unobtrusive abstract style. It looks interesting. We advise you to choose brightly colored pattern in a selection with a gradient background.

Interesting trends of nail design 2020

Stylish geometry

Geometric compositions have been around for several years among trend leaders. A strict and elegant pattern is universal: it fits also for work at theoffice, and for cocktail dress, or maybe a magnificent evening wardrobe.

Interesting trends of nail design 2020

Yuki flakes

Smooth flashing of yuki flakes in a merger with a matte base is a seasonal masterpiece. Moreover, iridescent inclusions fall on light dullness and on saturated dark in the same excellent manner. Bright basis is not in trend, it is better to make a matte nude, to which you add an accent decorating one or two nails with iridescent pigment.

Interesting trends of nail design 2020


Lead focus 2020. The material can look differently, it is applied in various techniques, and each variation is super relevant. There are rainbow, golden, silver, matte foil variations in the form of stripes and spots. It is possible to choose everyday or festive variety to your taste.

Interesting trends of nail design 2020

Sprayed manicure

Suitable for ladies who love to look extravagantly. For implementation manicure dust, crumbs, microsize beads are used. holographic spraying gains popularity, which creats the illusion of a hologram on the surface.


A scattering of iridescent convex circles or rhombuses – a wonderful version of manicure. Common solid plate compositions, also massive multi-colored rhombuses, stars, hearts – there’s all you can imagine. The base can be a coating made in any style.

Gradient (ombre) on nails

Ombre is good for being amazing and it looks fully on its own, does not require additional jewelry. It doesn’t look heavy, visually lengthening  nails. Color connections in gradient can be very different: you can create a sharp and flashy image, and it  can also be warm and romantic.

Interesting trends of nail design 2020

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