Meme – Who’s the Author?

Currently, the Internet community provides a huge number of memes to all of us: new or outdated, topical, they always provoke a certain response. They have become a natural part of modern culture, but do you remember, how did it all start?

It was in 1976, when the English scientist Richard Dawkins introduced the meme as a gene analogy in genetics. It is part of the evolution of human culture. This concept is further developed in the interpretation of Douglas Rushkoff, who points to the” viral ” nature of the meme. In his opinion, memes affect human consciousness and spread like a virus in the media environment.  The concept of Douglas Rushkoff extends in the second half of the XX century, because society moved into a new era, which he called the “InfoSphere”. It provides a favorable ground for the emergence and spread of such phenomena as media activism, political PR, interactive media, media viruses, etc.

But where do memes come from?

A meme can be any phrase, picture, or sound that has a specific meaning. If people like the meme, it will quickly gain popularity and many supporters. Gradually, the meme is fixed in human culture and becomes well known, it is used to express any feeling or attitude.

The authorship of many memes is impossible to determine, but sometimes their history is quite unexpected. And here we go! Now we’ll reveal you some interesting cases of meme’s origins.

     1. Trollface (or Coolface), depicting a snide face stretched in a smile, was created by the pedophile killer Henry Lee Lucas in the mid-twentieth century. He left a picture of a smiling Troll on the wall of his prison cell, and in 2006 this meme became popular thanks to the user Whynne from the DeviantArt website and started his own life on the Internet.

Meme – Who’s the Author?

2. Sensei Troll. The same sage who gives serious advice, adding a snide correction to it. The meme isn’t quite justified: the photo does not show the philosopher Confucius, but the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba. During his lifetime, he became the hero of many legends. In the last century, this outstanding Japanese was credited with the ability to rise above the ground and become invisible. Well, in the XXI century, Morihei Ueshiba won world authority, becoming a legend of the Internet.

Meme – Who’s the Author?

3. A version with the caption “You must be new here”, meme appeared thanks to a shot from the 1971 film” Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory ” with actor Gene Wilder.

Meme – Who’s the Author?

4. Stoned Fox. Unsuccessful work of Adele Morgan’s Scarecrow. She worked only with small animals, and in 2011 she made a stuffed Fox out of the carcass of an animal caught in a trap. In the end, the Fox just skewed, head tilted to the side, and the muzzle expressed absolute madness. The Fox spent a year in a box, and then got on eBay. “The Fox looks like he’s decided that he’s a man”, signed the announcement of the sale of Morgan. She managed to sell the Fox for a decent amount — 330 pounds. The owner of this miracle was a producer from the UK Mike Boorman.

Meme – Who’s the Author?

5. Bear in the bushes. The funny bear turned out to be a very appropriate image in many situations. It was first published on the Deviantart website in 2009. Initially, he screamed about love. In 2012, the artist Madame Fortuna made her own version of the strip. She finished drawing the heroine-an athlete who decided take over some part of her clothes because of the heat. A highly moral bear noticed this action and accused the young lady of debauchery.

Meme – Who’s the Author?

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