Mmm, it smells good … Perfume

Enough centuries have passed since the moment when perfumes were used to hide an unpleasant smell. Now a pleasant, special aroma is an integral part of your image. But, coming to the perfume shop, many are lost in the middle of all these many shelves with bottles of any color. So how do we choose the right perfume?

In this article, we will tell you about some kinds of perfume and to whom specifically they are suitable.

The gods of Olympus

Mmm, it smells good ... Perfume

Well, we will start with those giants of the perfume industry, which for many years remain the favorites of a very different audience, from small to large:

• Dior;

• Chanel;

• Nina Ricci;

• Lancome;

• Hugo Boss.

In the lines of these manufacturers, you can find a lot of interesting and diverse. Something even entered into the classics, but did not go into oblivion, and that’s why perfumes are updated and their production restarted for sale.

Types of perfume

Mmm, it smells good ... Perfume


Rose, jasmine, peony, tulip, gardenia, hibiscus, lily, freesia, magnolia and tuberose – all these flowers are beautiful not only externally. They are also distinguished by their elegant aroma, which is used like the basis of this variety of perfumes (the female family, although in many versions of the male one uses floral notes). It’s especially relevant in spring and summer.


Citrus perfumes usually contain notes of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, lime or bergamot. They sound loud and cheerful, energize us for the whole day, and therefore they are suitable for people who are optimistic, active.


Such perfumes are made on the basis of extracts from pineapples, apples, currants, wild strawberries and wild berries, sometimes adding the aroma experimentally developed in the laboratory to the general bouquet. Mixing fruity notes with floral or woody notes gives a wonderful result.


The composition of oriental spirits includes not only spices, but also viscous resinous odors, as well as aphrodisiacs – ambergris or musk. In the daytime, a heavy, overly juicy aroma becomes an excellent option for evening time, especially for passionate, seductive person.

Aquatic (water)

The natural aroma of the ocean, sea breeze, rain, dew or ozone is universal and suitable for everyone at any time of the year, but it’s made of synthetic substances with the addition of various shades.


To create woody perfumes, smells of moss, bark, cedar, sandalwood, myrtle, oud, pine, patchouli, cistus, etc. are often used. Discreet and aristocratic, they will perfectly warm you in rainy autumn time.


This family includes coumarin-based wood odors mixed with aromas of lavender, moss and geranium or bergamot. For a long time the family was considered exclusively masculine, but now the situation has changed. The mysterious, charming scent of damp foliage is simple and tasteful.


Bright, polysyllabic, extraordinary and somewhat explosive perfumes that combine everything at once. Originally considered masculine, it soon spread to the beautiful half of humanity. The most popular ingredients are lemon or bergamot, rose, jasmine, as well as sandalwood, moss, tarry and animalistic aromas.

Which perfume to choose

Mmm, it smells good ... Perfume

So, what should you focus on when you go to the perfume store? We outline a few important points:

1. The structure of the aroma. Perfumes have a three-level structure. Top notes – the way the aroma smells when you first scam it on a piece of paper. The heart of the fragrance is what it takes after 10-15 minutes, mixing with the smell of your skin; finally, the plume is what the overall impression of the fragrance leaves behind after a longer period of time. So do not rush to immediately buy your favorite perfume, wait until they take root on your skin a little and think again.

2. Personal preferences. Do not about your own tastes forget in such an important matter, preferences and even memories associated with aromas.

3. Type of perfume. For example, toilet water is an ideal solution for everyday wear, while the perfume or cologne itself is more suitable for an evening or a festive event.

Also, do not forget to observe the correct storage conditions for cologne. It is better to remove it away from excessively humid or hot places, as well as from direct sunlight.

And of course, use perfume where you would like to be kissed! ( There’s a very extravagant, but effective advice).

General recommendations:

Mmm, it smells good ... Perfume

1. To the girls.

Summer: floral, light citrus scents and aquatic perfumes

Winter: perfume with fruity or gourmet notes (you can add some green, spicy or woody chords).

2. To the guys.

Summer: male or unisex perfume with water or citrus composition

Winter: chypre with a bright fruity finish

3. Women

Summer: woody perfume or something from the unisex series – chypre or wine glass.

Winter: a seductive oriental fragrance

4. To men.

Summer: classic aromatic and chypre aromas, complemented by the noble smell of leather or tobacco.

Winter: aquatic

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