Monument tattoos and their meaning

Adored by fans of black and gray tattoos, especially in the Chicano style, the monument tattoos convey the look of the stone well. Classical statues are often a tribute to the gods or heroes of mythology such as Venus, Poseidon, and Hercules. Female statues have clean faces and elegant drapery. But men’s statues are the embodiment of masculinity with huge beards and muscular bodies subjugating monsters.

If you are looking for bold, attractive tattoos, solid as a stone, then you should find out what a statue is, its features and meaning.


• ancient art fan. Modern artists, sculptors and architects are united by following the basic canons laid down in the era of Ancient Greece. For this reason, a tattoo with a sculpture may be the choice of people engaged in creative activities;

• sadness due to a deceased person. With a crying angel, a man can show his grief at a close, early departed from this world;

• a tattoo holder that has coldness and low emotionality. Indeed, the statues for obvious reasons are not able to feel;

• a sculpture can personify constant work on oneself. After all, a magnificent composition is created using initially formless marble or granite;

• people with their idol can be tattooed with his sculptural image.

What style can I get a tattoo in?

Monument tattoos and their meaning

Almost any style can be suitable for this tattoo. Basically, tattoos with sculptures are done in a realistic style that conveys not only every detail of a work of art, but also the material used to create the sculpture. However, it is important to know that only tattoo artists with the highest level of skill can do a realistic style.

If you do not have the readiness to make a large-scale tattoo, then you should be interested in the graphic style. Tattoo can be done in the form of a sketch, so that it will take on an interesting and unusual look. Geometric figures that emphasize the harmony of the sculpture and its shape can serve as an addition to the drawing. If you want to have a brighter and more voluminous tattoo, you can ask the tattoo artist to add shadows or colored “blots” to the lines.

Old school and new school styles may also be suitable. The work will turn out bright and stylish. Typically, fans of these styles with a motive for a tattoo prefer to make some famous sculptural image, for example: Venus de Milo, Apollo or David.

Monument tattoos and their meaning

Interesting are the trash-polka tattoos with antique sculptures, as the main motive. Thanks to the combination of ancient art and elements of modern pop art, you can get an interesting contrast that gives the tattoo depth, dynamism and expressiveness.

Monument tattoos and their meaning

Where can the tattoo be located?

A tattoo can be applied anywhere on the body. As a rule, large-scale work is performed on the back, hips and ribs. If the tattoo should be small in size, it can be applied to the calves and arms. For easily recognizable fragments belonging to famous sculptures, the neck and wrist are suitable.

Depending on the chosen sketch, the location of your tattoo is determined. For example, for the famous sculpture “Nika Samothrace” an excellent place is the thigh or arm. For a sculpture of an angel spreading its wings, a great place is the back or chest.

It is important to know that the proximity of the bone protrusion to the skin increases the pain when applying a tattoo. It is important for remember people who are sensitive to pain.

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