Overcome the fear of death

After the quarantine and the epidemic, if we can say “after”, we are afraid. We are terribly afraid that death will reach us, despite the fact that it will still happen in the future. The main thing – just not now.

How to get rid of this fear? Do we need to get rid of it? Still, it pushes us to realize that we are not immortal, and our desires need to be fulfilled, we need to work, live, love now. And finally, is it possible in principle to get rid of this?

We are sure that this opportunity exists and, moreover, it will benefit you. After all, fear makes us constantly nervous, squeezed and significantly narrows the circle of our possibilities. So, what can we do to live now, escaping the constant frightening thoughts?

Dale Kornegi in his work “How to stop worrying and start living” advises us:

Overcome the fear of death
  • Distinguish between the future, past, and present. That is, when you live in the present, think mostly about it and nothing else.
  • Imagine the worst that can happen to you. Now calmly come to terms with this, because this is not happening to you in reality, right? Finally, look for sensible ways to change the situation.
  • Fear shortens life, and this is an indisputable fact, because it physically harms our body. So before you get nervous, think about it!
Overcome the fear of death
  • Think positively. This does not mean that you have to assess everything inadequately. Just in moments of extreme tension, choose only the good from the bad and the good.
  • Inaction is often the main source of fear. Make a plan and act! Everything is in your hands.
Overcome the fear of death
  • If something undesirable has already happened to you, you will have to accept it, because thinking about what you could have changed in the past will not lead you to anything. Change the present.
Overcome the fear of death
  • Forget about yourself and your problems for a while. Help your relatives or just friends, ask how they are doing. And you will give yourself a welcome moment of rest from worries.

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