How to take care of yourself when you run

In our day the body’s care has become a popular and necessary part of our lives. Numerous photos of muscled slim bodies from instagram are streaming down on us, these same bodies flash on the TV screen. In general, a sportive life is “stylish” as never before. However, we still continue to exist, friends. Those who do not want to get out from under a warm blanket and do exercises, who like to eat sweaty things, and in general those who do not like practice sport.

Today we conclude a small bet with you, although the price is your honest word.
Today we want to give you the opportunity to change your life. All you can do is just… running.

This type of physical activity helps to improve health, get rid of certain diseases, become more resilient, lose weight. In addition, even a short run gives strength and energy. We’ll discuss the duration of training, how much you need to run to lose weight and what affects the speed of weight loss. However, our main goal is to provide information for ACTION, what means, after reading you, theoretically, should go for a run. But according to a certain plan. Which one? The one we will make together.

This plan will include the following items, which will be painted by you individually, depending on yourself:

1. Motivation (reasons why you will run)
2. The basic rules of running. Plan with various options
3. Additional factors that accelerate weight loss and overall strengthening of the body 

* Contraindications

How to take care of yourself when you run

It is forbidden to run for people with :

– problems in the work of the cardiovascular system
– increased pressure
– bronchial asthma
– peptic ulcer disease
– rehabilitation after surgical interventions
– the second and more degrees of varicose expanded veins .

It is best to consult a doctor before starting.


How to take care of yourself when you run

1.Seduce your partner. We assure you that the figure you’ll get after long running sessions will excite you present or future partner.

2. Surprise your enemies. If you feel that you are unpleasant in the company of all these pumped up bodybuilders, athletes and champions, you will have a great chance to show everyone what you are worth.

3. Improving self-esteem. Of course, when you can maintain the rhythm of your workouts, and you will begin to succeed, this is an undeniable victory over yourself and your shortcomings.

4. Show everyone a beautiful sportive uniform. Why not?

5. Fulfill your New Year’s wish. We are sure that many people decided to lose weight on New Year’s Eve. Better late than never, dear readers.

6. Health improvement. Yes, it is often an ineffective, but very powerful argument for starting to run. A healthy mind is in a healthy body, the ancient people said, and they were right.

7. Find friends. During the run, you can meet someone interesting or just go for a run with your friends. Support and team spirit will smooth out all the unpleasant moments.

8. Change your style. You can become what you want to become. You could fit in beautiful jeans in the store. You will become proud of yourself and will be more confident. All this will help you to transform yourself.

9. No shortness of breath on the stairs.

10. The development of mental abilities. Running causes more oxygen to flow into all the cells of your body, including your brain, and this helps increase concentration, attention, and therefore memory.

Winter or summer?

There are some particular points that influence the run conditions, depending on the season. Take it into the account.


– Observe the pulse carefully, because some problems with the heart can be provoked by the increased temperature of the air may.

* For each person maximum allowable number of beats in a minute is determined individually based on from simple formula: from 220 subtract the age , and then multiply the result on 0.6 – it is the lower limit of the pulse zone. To determine the upper one, it is necessary to subtract from 220 the age and multiply the result by 0.8.

– Drink more water after exercise

– If you feel bad, then you should certainly go home and wait for other, not so sunny time


– Do not wear too many layers of clothing; this can cause heat stroke or dehydration.

– Choose only sections of the road cleared of snow for running

– If the air temperature is too low, practice at home by doing warm-up exercises and running on the same place

* A small bonus – winter running is more effective for losing weight, as cold speeds up metabolism

What else am I doing to improve running performance?

How to take care of yourself when you run

• Proper nutrition. Eat about 4 times a day in small portions (you can measure the size of your two fists, since this is exactly what the volume of your stomach is). Less carbohydrates, more protein foods. Fats are also needed, because your brain consists of them!

• Make physical exercise a couple of times a week. Aerobics, cardio exercises, stretching – all this for 30 minutes per lesson, as many times as you can

• Sleep well. This will reduce the stress hormone, and, accordingly, the desire to eat.

General rules

How to take care of yourself when you run

1. Before training for about an hour and a half, it is undesirable to eat and drink.

2. During training, you need to drink as needed in order to restore the balance of water in the organism

3. Upon arrival at the place and before the run itself, it is necessary to do warm-up exercises, to stretch the muscles of the legs. You can jump on the spot, lunges and twine variations, all that you can master

4. You must run for at least half an hour.

5. RUNNING TECHNIQUE. In order for jogging to help improve health and achieve the desired parameters of the body, it is necessary to jog. And inhale for every two steps, and exhale twice for the next two. Thus, your four steps will look like this: inhale inhale (necessarily through the nose) and exhale exhale (necessarily through the mouth). So your breath will not go astray.

6. In the end, after running, warm-up exercises are also needed. Stretch, restore breathing, take a walk. Do not forget to drink water.

7. Record the results of the work done, the size of the distance, running time etc.

* The rule of one step is your faithful friend on the path to success. It is a little silly but simple, and very effective. It consists the deceiving your brain. How to do it? Break one big goal into several minimal tasks. So, waking up in the morning to run, in your head should not loom thoughts that you have a terrible half-hour marathon. Not.

First you set yourself the goal of waking up. Then wash your face. Get dressed. Go outside. Warm up. Start running. Run to the tree. To the turn… It will be much easier, since the stress from the task is reduced. 

Running training program

The table below illustrates one of the possible weekly training plans adapted for beginners :

Day of the week Workout plan
1 10 minutes walking +20 minutes jogging 
2 Relaxation
3 10 minutes walking +25 minutes jogging
4 Relaxation
5 7 minutes walking +25 minutes jogging
6 Relaxation
7 7 minutes walking +30 minutes jogging

This rate should be maintained for 1-2 months.

An exemplary version of plan

Motivation (write what you need, see motivation)
Result    Lose … kg ( or other thing)
Conditions and basic rules of running ( describe each point, basing on the materials of the article ) Winter / summer Equipment See . general rules
Plan on month ( cross out the days in which you trained) 1 week : Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο 2 week : Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο 3 week : Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
4 week : Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Bonuses, that help training ( mark this as well) Nutrition Physical activity Sleep

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