Stop being productive

You watch a video to improve yourself and your life, but you never follow a point from what they tell you? You want to do most of the tasks from the list, but the list itself as a result remains on the sidelines? Are you tired and laziness and procrastination press on you every day?

You are definitely where you need to be! NO, we will not give you a miracle cure for all your problems, and YES, we will explain to you why everything happens as it happens. Perhaps you should start with the reasons, what do you think?


Now that we are all quarantined, we have a lot of time, and it turned out to be a lot of problems with how and what is the best wau for time to spend. Let’s start from afar. Do you know why many people who get a lucky lottery ticket end up without a penny anyway? Because they do not know how to spend their money correctly, because previously they had one, approximately small volume of it.

Now we have a goal – to bring you to the understanding that you simply cannot help but become a person who manages any of his resources correctly. Read carefully: the root of all your troubles, in our opinion, is the inability to forgive yourself.


Simple words that send us for the millionth time to such a popular and hackneyed topic as self-esteem. However, this, no matter how you take it, can not get anywhere. Without further ado, let’s imagine how your life will change if you learn this basic skill:

1. Stop suffering from the fact that you are not a super mega productive monster, observing the daily routine, because it simply will not put pressure on you? Let’s imagine what it looks like. You have ten things scheduled, but you have not completed a single one, simply because it happened.

Stop being productive


– you blame yourself for not fulfilling the plan and throw five more points to it in the hope of your responsibility

– you forgive yourself for your loss of strength and give yourself to do some kind of hobby, a movie or just nonsense. You are calm and full of energy, fully ready to start work.

The correct answer seems to be obvious.

2. You accept yourself as you are, and really evaluate your capabilities. And here we tell you that YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ALL WORKS OF THE WORLD IN ONE DAY. We’ll tell you a little secret, even if you do one thing – it’s perfect. We advise you to save, and most importantly, practice this advice in everyday life. We repeat – one thing a day means a good work. Even the fact that you brushed your teeth, for example.

3. You finally stop reproaching yourself and take a deep breath. Constant guilt for not observing something that you planned is only poisoning your life. We must get rid of what is harmful, right?

Take your time and think about yourself first. What would you like to do from your life and for whom? Now society is putting pressure on people more than ever, and even the trend of “Be yourself always and everywhere” has simply turned into fashion, as a sign of a once significant, important idea.

Being yourself does not mean being productive. Be yourself – forgive yourself and live happily. Remember this.

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