Such strange cats – why they do what they do

Now the Internet and all social networks are literally filled with images and videos with our fluffy, entertaining animals – cats. They jump, run, purr and scratch – it turns out that, for happiness to us, people, sometimes nothing more is needed. However, representatives of the cat family can be really weird. Suddenly they jump in, climb into the most secluded places and so on – we’ll talk about this today.

We will try to explain why, after all, cats do what they do. Let’s figure it out!


Not so long ago, scientists discovered a rather interesting fact – cats were not domesticated. As a result of genetic research, it became clear to us that the cats themselves came to the human, apparently, to satisfy all their needs and requirements by mean of people. But what happened before that?

At the very beginning, when cats lived in the wild (and some live there to this day), they were predators for small prey and at the same time prey for larger animals. Let’s agree, the situation is delicate. They had to be pretty dodgy in order to survive. As a result of adaptation, they formed certain patterns of behavior, most of which can be observed even now, at home. This is the famous oddities of cats. Look at a few examples.

The cat climbs onto the highest cabinet in the apartment

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

Possessing an excellent balance system, in the past, cats climbed trees to survey their possessions and track their prey. Now they don’t need to try so hard, but the fish you have on the table can disappear quite naturally.

The cat suddenly jumps on small objects

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

Cats are opportunists in terms of hunting. At any time when prey is relatively affordable, they will attack. That is why all the small items and their hiding containers are so interested in your furry friend.

The cat sharpens its claws on your favorite furniture

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

No, this does not mean that he hates you. It’s just that a cat, as before, needs sharp claws for such functions as hunting, protection, climbing on various surfaces. The process of sharpening claws is also a means to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back and legs, and even relieve stress. So do not scold your pet, buy him a scratching post.

The cat climbs into any boxes

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

Previously, those cats that hid most quickly from larger predators survived more often. So your cat, as before, knows a lot about all the seemingly invisible corners of your apartment.

Cat purrs

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

One of the most amazing facts about cats is still their purring. To your possible surprise, they do this not only when they are happy, but also when they are hungry or stressed. The frequency of this sound, between 25 and 150 Hertz, is ideal for provoking a regenerative process in the cells of body tissues. So while your cat purrs, he heals himself and, most likely, you too.

The cat considers you a big stupid cat

Such strange cats - why they do what they do

Many researchers agree that cats, by and large, see us as large cats that behave inappropriately. That is why they teach us, bring us a mouse as a sign of their approval, and so on. They even learn to speak with us! Since in natural conditions, cats, as was noted, meow much less than at home.

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