The Importance of Reading Books

The Importance of Reading Books

Nowadays, with the advent of new technologies and means of communication, the Internet, new opportunities, we have come up with a lot of different entertainments. Along with this, we began to forget about the existence of simple things – books, for example. And since reading is imposed on modern children at school, and there is no time for their parents to do this because of work, we decided to remind to all of you that reading is great thing.

6 benefits of reading books

1. Brain Training

Yes, the first and perhaps one of the most obvious reading functions. Nearly all of the audience knows how our brain works. In a sense, it is a muscle that needs to be maintained in good shape. With the assimilation of new information, its processing, memorization, new neural connections are created in our head, which helps to improve the quality of your thinking and even creative potential. Why does this happen when reading? When you receive information from books, you inevitably have to connect it with past experience, which is somehow stored in your “palace of memory”. This shakes your brain slightly and makes it work.

LIFE HACK: for more efficient assimilation of information, ask yourself questions to the text and answer them while reading.

2. Vocabulary expansion

For sure, you are also aware of this. The most interesting thing here is that our brain absorbs new words like a sponge. Yes, absolutely any brain and with any mental abilities. Though remembering one word per week seems insignificant to you, but this very one word opens you a path to another ten words in perspective.

3. Relieving stress and tension

The fact itself seems implausible, but reading really reduces or completely eliminates stress. How does this happen? We remind you that in small quantities, that is, in situations where the stressful state does not last long, it affects your health positively, helping to keep the body in good shape and even fight old age. However, in situations in which stress is a constant part of your life, your body’s strength declines and, moreover, brain cells begin to break down. Therefore, if you have a situation number two, we advise you to choose a good book and immerse yourself in its plot. New places, characters, impressions – all this will take you to another world where you can rest for a while.

4. Improving memory and attention

Reading refers to a series of mental exercises that help develop your memory and increase your level of concentration. And here are the reasons.

When you read, the interpretation of what you read occurs inside your brain automatically. So, you read more, you have more information which passes through your analyzer, and structuring it each time, you’ll finally memorize it (and even if you poorly remember the names of heroes, it was not about that, dude).  

Also, in order to grasp the essence of information, you need to concentrate on it, because we can’t do anything without this in any way. Remember, when you read something with little intention, could you remember at least one word afterwards? So the answer is “no”. As a result, the same principle applies as with memory – the more you train, the more you can concentrate.

Important point: attention is the basis of memory. We cannot remember the plot which we are not concentrated on. And for this, interest in this or that information is needed.

5. Development of the imagination. Self expression

This also does not seem to us an obvious advantage, however, in modern world, when there is a lot of information around us, it requires remarkable creative potential in order to create something original, for what there will be a demand. And even in professions that are not related to creativity, imagination is required.

With each new book, your bank of knowledge is replenished with new options for worlds, characters, emotions, which will also help you express yourself and create something new.

6. Sleep quality raise

This fact is associated with stress relief, which we have already mentioned above. After a long and stressful working day, before going to bed, reading a book will calm the mind and relax the body. It doesn’t matter what you read and in what size. A couple of pages will be enough for a good, restful sleep.

We wish you to spend a few minutes on yourself and just read whatever it would be.

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