The Mighty Highlander – Titian

We are not going to talk about every breath of a great artist. Instead, we will share with you some piece of information that will help to create in your view the most vivid, real human portrait of this personality.

Vecellio (1488 – 1576)

The Mighty Highlander - Titian

Vecellio is a boy born at the foot of the Alpine mountains, an area with a harsh climate and harsh mores. People worked there to secure their income. But one day, imagine the surprise of his parents who, returning home, found on the wall of their house an image of the Virgin Mary with clearly visible features of his mother.

Going to Italy to study fine arts, he fell under the guidance of a teacher who predicted to the boy: You would never become a good artist! Then he changes his mentor and become greatly influenced by the manner of Albrecht Dürer – the famous master of engraving. Through engraving, Vecellio learns a peculiar marketing – after all, miniature works spread faster than large paintings.

Friendship also did not pass Titian, but contradictory one. It was Giorgione, a merry fellow and a favorite of the public. At first, they worked a lot together, and then parted because of rivalry. And yet, in 1510, when a terrible plague erupted in Italy and reached Giorgione himself, Titian manages to save several paintings of his comrade from the fire (things of lepers were burned by the time). After, because of many requests, Titian copied some of the Giorgione’s works, what is the reason of historical confusion: sometimes experts still not to be sure about the author of this or that painting.

The Mighty Highlander - Titian

There was love. Love, but rather, novels with numerous models, and one of the most beautiful of them all – Violanta (which, moreover, was half the age of the artist). Judith with the head of Holofernes – take a look and you will see the artist’s features in the head, which is held by the Judith with the features of Violanta. Her face also appears in the paintings Sacred and Profane Love, Flora and Bacchanalia.

The Mighty Highlander - Titian

However, true love – a modest and hardworking village servant Chechilia, won his heart later. It was she who bore him heirs, one of which – Lavinia – you will find in the picture Girl with a Basket of Fruits.

The Mighty Highlander - Titian

The artist himself will live a long, happy and eventful life, having received the glory of the greatest colorist of all time and the nickname “Divine Titian”. According to the legend, death found in his workshop, with a picture in his hands (The Penitent Magdalene).


Titian was the undisputed master of portraiture. He painted over 70 works. While his contemporaries painted their work on canvas at least 30 cm, Titian preferred meter paintings. In an era when the portrait was regarded as just a separate genre, Titian wanted to go beyond and make the portrait a real picture, in the full sense of the word. His portraits can be distinguished by the pose of the model – Titian preferred to draw a man to the waist, and not just his bust, as most of his contemporaries did.

He is also called the master of color, and indeed, many artists will strive for the Titian color for a long time. This is because the artist invested in the most diverse, deepest feelings and emotions. Whether it is nature from luminous colors, or warm colors to give more vividness to the faces of their sitters, cold colors to indicate drama or dark colors to sadness – everything delights us.

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