The Stanley Parable on Epic Games for free. How to get

Stanley works in the office. Day after day, month after month, year after year, he sits in front of the computer and, following the instructions from the screen, presses button after button. The work is boring, but Stanley likes it.

But once everything has changed. The office became empty – rooms, corridors, and even conference rooms, nothing. The black monitor didn’t show any single sign. What happened? Where is everyone? And what to do next?

If Stanley knew where his quest for answers to these questions would lead, he would not have taken a step from his office. But he goes on a journey to get to the root of a problem. And his every step, his every action is accompanied by comments and valuable advice from an invisible narrator. Because it is not just a game. This is a parable. The parable about Stanley.

To receive games you should:

1. Follow the link:

The Stanley Parable download

2. Log in to the site

3. Click the “ TO” button

The Stanley Parable on Epic Games for free. How to get


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