What is female body language meaning

What is female body language meaning

If a woman is not into a certain person, then, she will send signals to that person.

It may not be too obvious, but women are constantly giving out very obvious signals about the way they feel because of their body language. The trick is to be able to validate and decode those signals. This is useful if you want to know a specific person, and you need to size her up even before you meet up with her.

Women are very obvious about the way they move their bodies. In fact, they easily show happiness, disgust, sadness, anger, love, and many more by the use of their bodies. A woman can exude confidence if she learns how to use her body to elicit a response.

There are a lot of body language cues that must be met in order to confirm that you are feeling a certain kind of emotion. But some gestures are quite obvious, and you need to be adept with these body signals. Sometimes, your eyes and hips are saying something loud and clear even if your lips are sealed. Moreover, when you lean towards a man, and you gaze at his eyes a little longer than what is normal, then people will sense that you are flirting with this man. Another giveaway is when you laugh more often than usual and smile sometimes, even if the guy is not exerting any effort to be funny. When your face starts to be more animated, then that is not just a reflection of how you feel at that present time. That animation is also coming from your inner being that you feel attracted towards this person.

Women who are flirting tend to fidget more. For example, when your eyes rivet to spot a man at the other end of the room, then, the pupils of your eyes tend to dilate, and your face starts to brighten up. You tend to be quite self-conscious, and you also giggle a lot. You may find yourself fiddling with your hair or jewelry, twisting your ring, and maybe tugging at your necklace. The reason for this is that there is a certain nervous excitement that is happening within you. You may fiddle with your hair and touch your necklace occasionally. Observers say that this is an unconscious signal that means that you want to be touched that way.

If a woman is not into a certain person, then, she will send signals to that person. She will definitely cross her arms and not establish any direct eye contact. She can easily sense the distance she is creating with her gestures. For instance, she can gaze at the person one moment and then turn around and look another way the next moment. Maybe, she will lean towards him but changes her mind and slowly ease back to her original position. Maybe she just needs to warm up to the man she is with.

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