US ruled out attempts to force Brazil to abandon Satellite V

US ruled out attempts to force Brazil to abandon Satellite V

We are not in a position to dissuade Brazil or any other country from accepting vaccines authorized by their respective authorities,” said a spokesman for the department.

The ministry clarified that Washington is convinced that it is necessary to use vaccines that “meet the minimum clinical efficacy standards, regardless of the country of their production.”

We support the rapid deployment of safe, high quality and effective vaccines. The US cannot comment on vaccines that have not been approved by the FDA for use in the US, ”added a health spokesman.

Earlier, the developers of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Satellite V”, citing a report from the US Ministry of Health, said that US officials were trying to “dissuade” Brazil from supplying the Russian vaccine against COVID-19.

The document referred to the “malicious” actions of Cuba, Venezuela and Russia, which seek to increase their influence in Latin America at the expense of the security of the United States. To counter these actions, the international administration of the US Department of Health (OGA), together with other government agencies, tried to dissuade the countries of the region from accepting assistance from Havana, Caracas and Venezuela, in particular, to persuade Brazil to refuse to supply the Russian drug for coronavirus.

The Brazilian authorities have signed a contract with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) for the supply of 10 million doses of Satellite V vaccine from the Center. Gamalei. Delivery will be made in three stages – from April to June. The national Brazilian regulator Anvisa has not yet approved the Russian drug; for emergency use of the vaccine, official approval will still need to be obtained.

On March 12, Russian state news agencies, citing sources in the Kremlin, reported that Western countries are preparing an “information attack” on the Russian vaccine, including the use of mock mass deaths. A few days earlier, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that American experts had identified four Russian online platforms that tried to discredit Western vaccines and were run by Russian intelligence.

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