Watch Dogs 2, Football manager 2020 and Stick It To The Man for free on the Epic Games Store


Watch Dogs 2

Is an open world action adventure. In it you have to try on the skin of a hacker, hack the servers of banks, steal money from passers-by, break into cameras and locks. In the world of Dogs, the city is controlled by the CityOS operating system, hack it to control traffic lights, sewers, bridges and everything else.


Football manager 2020

You are a manager, your task is to collect a football club that will win. Collect the best players and use various tactics to achieve victory for your team.


Stick It To The Man

Is a cartoon-style logic platformer set in a world made of stickers and paper. The main character Rei is endowed with magical abilities to read the minds of others, which he successfully uses to his advantage.


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