Ways of coping with children

Now great quantity of parents have some difficulties in controlling their children, because why? Yes, right, we’re all stay together at home. Even before quarantine we’ve hade it, all spectre of hysterical mood, but now it’s quite worse.

SO we decided to show you the bad and good ways of cooperation with children to ease your life and learn some useful information.

Feel sorry and give children what they want

It doesn’t work, let’s face it. Once you do so, and therefore your child understand how to control you, so he repeat his drama scenes again and again. Bad method.

Screaming and threatening

It does not work. And even prolongs the execution for all participants in the performance. An absolutely dead end path, after which nothing changes in the behavior of the child, but the mother feels a certain aversion to herself.

Be silent and ignorant

In this case if you want to run away from the screaming into another room, child simply ran after you, sobbing even louder.
Conclusion: it works, but not with all children. Some people could not use the method of ignoring and silence: it seemed to them too cruel and humiliating.

Offer to cry in child room

Without the audience, of course, child do not cry as easily and joyfully as usual. So he quickly finish and come back to you. It works, but selectively with children from about 4 years old. Young children do not understand why, in addition to their grief, they were also kicked out into the bedroom.

Warn an explosion of emotions

Preventing an explosion is easier than scooping up its effects. Therefore, over time, having learned to feel the tension in the state of children, we are able to redirect their energy to another channel. In fact, the child’s hysteria is his inability to cope with the accumulated emotions. And the younger the child, the more difficult it is for him to cope with them. Therefore, when we see that the baby is on the verge, grab him in the arms and start tossing, laughing and tickling. It works, but not always. To use this method, you need to feel very good about your children and be extremely attentive to their mood swings. This is difficult physically, because mom is a living person and may miss something.

Learn to pronounce your plans ahead

Bearing in mind that it is better to avoid tantrums than to calm the child after half an hour, tell the children about your plans: “Now we will go to the store, we will buy food there, we will not buy toys, and yes, I will buy a bun. Then we’ll go to the playground, but when I say that it’s time to go home, we will get together and go home. ” It works.

Try to take the place of the child

It works. Even a child with an explosive character will trust you if you treat him with respect and understanding. The most difficult thing here is to remain calm and firm.

Even if the child is wrong, ask: “Do you want me to hug you?” Sometimes a child says “yes” and comes into your arms, where she cries for another 5 minutes, calms down, and then talk. Sometimes he says no, stomps his feet and throws toys. Do not forbid: expressing anger is possible and necessary. The main thing that children have to know: when they need a parent, your heart will be open to them.

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