You’re joking (?)

Sometimes we need a great sense of humor to be brave, to practice self relaxation and of course, stay human. Any, even the worst sense of humor can be developed, even if you cannot do without a tablet with the inscription “Sarcasm” and taking other people’s jokes literally. So now we’re going to talk precisely about it. Our main goal is to provide you with some pieces of advice, how to train yourself to become a sort of better social personality. So, we start now.

Notice funny points

Wit involves knowledge of the norms of behavior and the ability to recognize deviations from them. You can make fun of greed, stupidity, careerism and other weaknesses. The main thing is not to get personal – humor must be kind.

Find associations

You're joking (?)

Look for things in common between phenomena that at first glance have nothing to do with each other. Paradoxical analogies will help you laugh and look at the world differently.

Feel free to absurd

You're joking (?)

By saying “impossible stupidity” at the right moment, you can cool the atmosphere. If everyone has a sense of humor, they will pay attention to a logical mistake and appreciate your resourcefulness.

Experiment with rhymes

A joke in poetic form will be perfectly remembered and show that you are a diversified person. Try to read something funny, and maybe you’ll come out with better (poetic) ideas.

Develop erudition

You're joking (?)

Nothing better will help you to improve your sense of humor as a broad outlook. Therefore, communicate with smart people, read books and replenish your vocabulary.

Block “enemies of humor”

You're joking (?)

Make yourself not think that there is more negative than positive in the world. Drive away the sadness. Take a rest: due to physical and mental fatigue, life becomes more dull.

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