Ziggurat or why people are talking different languages

You know, in the art domain there are so many difficult words that we don’t understand from the first sight. In this article we will help you with one of them, and not only explain, but show you one of the most famous example of this object.

Ziggurat. In fact it’s the construction characteristic of Mesopotamia in the form of truncated pyramids placed on top of each other, connected by stairs or ramps. At the top of such a pyramid was usually a sanctuary.

Ziggurat or why people are talking different languages

We will present you the Babylonian ziggurat (Etemenanka) glorified Marduk, the main god of Babylon, who was treated with such reverence that the tower was rebuilt several times, and it turned into the tallest building in the valley of Mesopotamia. To rebuild the tower after it was destroyed by tribes of enemies, the whole people of the Babylonian state were called. The temple was built of burnt bricks painted blue; gold, silver and precious stones mined in the mountains and in the sea were laid at the base.

Tower that argues with the sky. What does it look like?

Ziggurat or why people are talking different languages

Restoring the tower, Nebuchadnezzar said: “I had a hand in building the peak of the Etemenanka so that it could argue with the sky.”

The second floor is red – 18 meters high; floors from the third to the sixth, painted in bright colors – six meters high; the last, seventh, 15-meter floor – the upper temple of Marduk – is faced with turquoise glazed tiles and decorated with gold horns on its sides.

Equal in height to a 30-story skyscraper

In the center stood a statue of the supreme god Babylon, cast from pure gold and weighing 23,700 kilograms.

The decoration of the temple was a the golden bed, chair and table in the temple were intended for God Himself when he came here to rest.

85 million bricks were spent on the construction of the tower.

Above the first tower in the center is the second, at the top of the second – the third and so on. There are eight such towers. They can be climbed by a spiral staircase that goes outside. And in the middle of the way there are benches so that the traveler can rest. ” The ancient Greek historian Herodotus

Participant of historical event

Ziggurat or why people are talking different languages

And what do you think? Yes, right, it is the famous Tower of Babel, which is described in the Old Testament like this.

“On the whole earth there was one language and one dialect. Moving from the East, people found a plain in the land of Sennar and settled there. And they said to each other: we will make bricks and burn them with fire. And they began to have bricks instead of stones, and earthen tar instead of lime. And they said: Let us build ourselves a city and a tower as high as heaven, and make a name for ourselves before we scatter over the face of the whole earth.

And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the sons of man built. And the Lord said: This is one city and one language in all. And this is what they started to do and will not lag behind what they started to do. Let us go down and mix their language so that one does not understand the speech of the other. And the Lord scattered them from there over the whole earth, and they stopped building the city. Therefore, the name Babylon was given to him, for there the Lord confused the language of the whole earth, and from there the Lord scattered them throughout the whole earth. ”

Moral things

Even if you don’t believe Bible and you’re an atheist, in fact there is a lesson. Think for a moment.

In order to satisfy their vanity and thirst for superiority, people made great sacrifices in connection with the construction of this ziggurat. Why? In those days there was no equipment, but there were … people who were forced to perform physical work of terrible volumes. Many died during the construction, and if no one stopped it, people would ruin themselves.
Let’s agree, heaven on earth do not come from this.

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